Saugeen Natural Gems Auto Tour Map

1. Schmidt Lake: From Chepstow go North on Sideroad 5 to first intersection.  Turn left or West on Concession 8 approximately 2 km to parking for Schmidt Lake

2. Saugeen River Rotary Trail, Walkerton: From Hwy. 4 (Yonge St.) head East on South St., past Sacred Heart High School to the parking lot at the very end of the street. 

3. Sulphur Spring Conservation Area:  South from Hanover on County Road 10 – follow signs for Sulphur Spring.  Enter at main gate. Picnic area, washrooms.

4. Allan Park Pond and Forest: At Allan Park on Grey County Road 4, between Hanover and Durham, turn south to first intersection.  Turn right toward the entrance, about 400 m.  Picnic area, washrooms.

5. Kinghurst Nature Reserve: Near Dornoch. there are entrances on both Conc. 4 and Conc. 6 about  2 km north of County Road 25.  There is parking at both entrances, but not at the yellow gate on Conc. 4 – continue on a little farther. 

  1. 6. Bells Lake: from Grey County Road 12 toward Markdale, turn north on Traverston Road.  At first side road turn east, follow the sign.  Parking beside road.

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Allan Park