Note: for the purpose of this graph of total number of species seen the following presumptions have been made:

  1. -Snow Goose and Snow Goose (blue) considered one species

  2. -meadowlark sp. = 1 species

  3. -Canada Goose + large form = 1 species

  4. -Count Week (CW) species count towards total

  5. -Dark-eyed Junco + Oregon = 1 species

  6. -the following categories did not contribute to the species totals (duck sp., merganser sp., accipiter sp., buteo sp., large hawk sp., hawk sp., falcon sp., gull sp., woodpecker sp., sparrow sp., blackbird sp., carpodacus sp., crossbill sp., redpoll sp. and finch sp.)

Hanover-Walkerton Christmas Bird Count

Species Totals