Past Junior Naturalist Events

Junior Naturalist

Edible Plants

September 21, 2019
our guest leader Nikki May will lead us on a hike to search for edible plants. We will meet at 383792 Concession 4, NDR in West Grey northeast of Durham…
Junior Naturalist

End of Season Garden Walk

October 19, 2019
We will meet at Morland Place (Grey County Rd 18, Owen Sound) to their maze. We will do some compass work and possibly visit Grey Roots Museum.
Junior Naturalist

Tree ID & Debris Huts

November 16, 2019
Enjoy a hike at Sulphur Springs where we will ID tree species and look at building a debris hut in the woods.
Important update
Junior Naturalist

Kimbercote Farm

January 18, 2020
The JN’s will travel to Kimbercote Farm to enjoy a guided hike on the Bruce Trail and an opportunity to interact with some of the live animals that are on site. If there is time we may work…
Junior Naturalist

Tracking in Bognor Marsh

February 22, 2020
Will look for winter tracks in the snow
Canceled Event
Junior Naturalist

Maplebush Hike

March 21, 2020
Meet at Con 2 West Garafraxa Rd #233639 – the plan is to hike or snowshoe in a maple syrup bush.
Junior Naturalist

Spring Farm Day

April 18, 2020
A spring farm day at Tanya’s farm and greenhouses where the Junior Naturalists will learn about planting. Meet at 314399 Hwy 6 North of Durham by about 8km
Junior Naturalist

Life in a Pond

May 23, 2020
Kinghurst Nature Reserve at the east entrance in the corral parking lot. Follow Hwy 6 north from Durham to Dornoch and turn west onto County Rd 25.
Junior Naturalist

Tremendous Trees!

September 16, 2023
Registration and first hike with kids
Junior Naturalist

Preparing for the Big Chill!

November 18, 2023
Junior Naturalist

Birds of a Feather

January 20, 2024
Come join us for some winter bird watching and crafts at Elephant Thoughts – Riverstone Campus. Located five minutes from Durham, Ontario on 136 acres of historic farmstead.
Junior Naturalist

Winter Detective Story

February 24, 2024
Learn what snowshoes are made of and how people have adapted them to suit their environment and lifestyles.
Junior Naturalist

Sedimental Journey

March 23, 2024
We will be discovering the difference between rocks and minerals through various experiments on samples collected from around the world.
Junior Naturalist

Finding Your Way!

April 20, 2024
Once we learn how to use maps, compasses and G.P.S. units we will Find our Way on site through various scavenger hunts. We will include some clues from nature to help us navigate as well.
Junior Naturalist

Game Day

May 25, 2024
We play some of our favourite games learned over the year including “Instincts for Survival” or as we like to call it, “Kill or Be Killed”.
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