2006 Christmas Bird Count Results for Hanover/Walkerton

These results are courtesy of Dorothy Kings our Compiler from the data submitted by the 29 observers from Dec 16, 2006. We had 2 members spend 2.5 hrs owling. The seven areas accumulated 30.25 hours on foot and 53.5 hours driving. We covered 40 kms on foot and 805 km by car. Most groups started at 0800h and finished by 1700h. Our total species seen during this Count was 48 (which is about average for this century). There were no Count Week (CW) sightings that counted. Our total for individual birds was at an all-time high of 11,582 ! (well above 1989’s 10,908 – with Starlings and Snow Buntings putting us over the top). This was the second year in a row for a cowbird! As predicted by those who study birds, we had a noticeable lack of northern finches due to the good seed crops in the north. For a break down of species seen please refer to the following list:

Great Blue Heron              3                    American Robin                     1

Canada Goose              667                    European Starling            3702

Mallard                          258                    American Tree Sparrow       34

Common Goldeneye     114                    Dark-eyed Junco                154

Hooded Merganser         12                    Snow Bunting                   2054

Common Merganser       80                    Northern Cardinal                 26

Northern Harrier                2                    Brown-headed Cowbird         1

Cooper’s Hawk                 2                     House Finch                         96

Red-tailed Hawk              29                    American Goldfinch            485

Rough-legged Hawk         8                     House Sparrow                  427

American Kestrel             15                    Bald Eagle                             3

Ruffed Grouse                 10                    Mute Swan                            4

Wild Turkey                       2                    Wood Duck                            1

Ring-billed Gull               490

Herring Gull                    873

Rock Dove                      209

Mourning Dove               185                    hawk sp.                               2

Eastern Screech-Owl         4                    gull sp.                                 23

Great Horned Owl              5                    finch sp.                             148

Belted Kingfisher                2

Red-bellied Woodpecker    1

Downy Woodpecker          50

Hairy Woodpecker            16

Northern Flicker                  1                    Total Species = 48

Pileated Woodpecker         2

Northern Shrike                  1                    Total Individuals = 11,582

Blue Jay                           227

American Crow                572

Common Raven                  2

Horned Lark                        2

Black-capped Chickadee 497

Red-breasted Nuthatch      10

White-breasted Nuthatch    31

Brown Creeper                     7

Golden-crowned Kinglet      30

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