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Sites Of Common Interests

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Checklist for dragonflies and damselflies of Ontario (2010)
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Birding List from Waterfowl Outing

April 20, 2024 Common Merganser 10+Mute swan 3+Canada Goose tonsMeadowlark manyRed-winged Blackbird manyHooded Merganser 5American Robin manyGull sp some Ring-billed tonsRaven 3+Song Sparrow 2+Bald Eagle...

Waterfowl on the Bruce Wetlands

November 11, 2023 by Angus Inksetter Although it’s missed by many people driving up Highway 10 it’s a sight worth stopping for. In mid-April, several...

In Search of Winter Raptors

by Angus Inksetter The weather forecast for March 9 was not auspicious: rain, wind, and cold. There was a suggestion that Saugeen Nature’s outing to...

Turtle Resources

April 15 Presentation By Madeline Sanagan Helping Turtles Cross the Road Perhaps the most important take way I hope club members got from my presentation...

The Great October Mushroom Hunt

By Nikki May It was a surprise gift. Although rain was forecasted, Saturday October 14th dawned breezy and cool with only a few fluffy clouds...

Outing Report: Hike at the Murray Tract

November 11, 2023 by Angus Inksetter On the morning of November 11 ten club members keen for the outdoors met at the SVCA parking area...

Going Green in Grey- Grey County’s Climate Action Plan

Grey County has a Climate Change Action Plan! This is good news, and was about 3 years in the making. But the hard work is...

Breeding Bird Atlas Foray

By Nikki MayEarly July is a good time to find birds in the various breeding periods of their lifecycle. Males are still singing their characteristic...

Exploring Bruce County Gems

By Nikki MayA conservation mindset can yield great dividends. Byron Monk follows his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps in the protection of rich woodlands on their...

Notice of Annual General Meeting

April 25, 2022 – 6:30 p.m. Grace United Church310 12th St., Hanover6:30 p.m. – dessert and fellowship. Silent Auction 7:00 p.m. Annual meeting business8:00 p.m....

Man and Falcon

By Nikki May A man sits silently watching the box. A bird’s head appears in the opening. The man’s heartbeat speeds up; is this the...


If you have any items for the Silent Auction, please let Gertie Blake know at 519-369-2937. Any items that are donated to the AGM’s Silent...

Call for Nominations

At the Annual General Meeting, Monday, April 25, 2022 a slate of officers and directors will be elected to manage the affairs of the club...

Conservation Award – Advance Notice

Do You Know an Outstanding Naturalist? Saugeen Nature will recognize outstanding contributions to the cause of local conservation by an individual in the past 5...

July 30, 2022 Dragonfly Hike at Allen Park

By Sibylle Walke At the end of July we took our grand daughters Isla 4 and Petra 6 to the 13th annual dragonfly hike of...

Two Spring Birding Outings

By Angus Inksetter Saugeen Nature members generally undertake two outings in the spring to seek migrants returning to our area. The first of these usually...

Ontario’s natural areas are under attack right now

Over the last couple of years, the current government has increased its efforts to find ways to open more and more natural heritage to development....

Saugeen Nature’s Equinox Outing

By Angus Inksetter Saturday, March 20th, was the spring equinox and the day Saugeen Nature ventured forth on their annual search for winter raptors still...

Owl Prowl Report

By Jerry Asling Fortunately Grey-Bruce opened up enough for us to have this outing at Pearl Lake. We had visited this area in 2010 and...

Spring—Summer 2021

COVID-19 EDITION From the President A year ago I was preparing an address for the AGM. In it I discussed all the things the club...

Article: For Greenleaves

By: Gary Kenny Date: August 30, 2021 Title: Bruce Grey Woodlands Association visit to Kinghurst Forest Nature Reserve “I took a walk in the woods...

Bird Counts And Data

Note: 112 different species (113 if you include both recognizable races of the Dark-eyed Junco) have been seen in the last 46 years. 36 species (32.1%) have been seen in over 30 different counts. 44 species (39.3%) have been seen in 5 or less counts.
Note: 112 different species (113 if you include both recognizable races of the Dark-eyed Junco) have been seen in the last 46 years. 36 species (32.1%) have been seen in over 30 different counts. 44 species (39.3%) have been seen in 5 or less counts.

Note: for the purpose of this graph of total number of species seen the following presumptions have been made:

  • Snow Goose and Snow Goose (blue) considered one species
  • meadowlark sp. = 1 species
  • Canada Goose + large form = 1 species
  • Count Week (CW) species count towards total
  • Dark-eyed Junco + Oregon = 1 species
  • the following categories did not contribute to the species totals (duck sp., merganser sp., accipiter sp., buteo sp., large hawk sp., hawk sp., falcon sp., gull sp., woodpecker sp., sparrow sp., blackbird sp., carpodacus sp., crossbill sp., redpoll sp. and finch sp.)
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