Conservation Award Guidelines


To recognize outstanding contributions to the cause of local conservation by an individual in recent years, or significant contribution to the work of Saugeen Field Naturalists.


1. Nominees must have demonstrated or contributed to one or more of the following:

  • the preservation or re-establishment of wildlife and/or habitat
  • enhancement of the natural landscape
  • encouragement of an appreciation of nature (education)
  • protection of water resources

2.Nominations must be received by the SFN Board of Directors by March 31, 2024, or forward to the

Past President, Angus Inksetter, at

3. Applicants should be from within the area served by the SFN or Saugeen watershed.

4. Nominations may be received from the public, SFN members, or may be self-nominated.


1. The award will be advertised in the SFN newsletter until March.

2.One Board Member, one member from another field naturalist club, and a member of the community will form a judging panel.

3.If necessary, interviews or site inspections may be conducted.

4.The recommendation of the judges will be presented to the Board for approval.

5. The award will be presented at the SFN annual general meeting, April 15, 2024.

6.A permanent keepsake to recognize the Award will be presented to the winner.

7.Nomination form may be downloaded from this website by clicking this line

Conservation Award Nominees


Doug Lonsdale


Family of Jean (Weir) and Nelson Maher


Nancy Griffin


John Reaume


Mike Pickup


Ray Giesler


Howard and Bruce Krug (Posthumusly)


Mac Campbell


Jerry and Joan Asling


Dave Schaus


Clarke Birchard


Dorothy Kings

Do You Know an Outstanding Naturalist?

Saugeen Nature will recognize outstanding contributions to the cause of local conservation by an individual in the past 5 years, or significant contribution to the work of Saugeen Nature. The Award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on April 15, 2024. Nominations to be submitted by February 29, 2024 to Gertie Blake at 519-369-2937.

Tell us briefly, in your own words, how the Nominee has demonstrated or contributed to one of the following:

Call for Nominations

At the Annual General Meeting, April 24, 2024 a slate of officers and directors will be elected to manage the affairs of the club for the coming year. The Vice-President position needs to be filled this year. Nominations or the names of volunteers for executive positions or directors should be forwarded to the chair of nominating committee, Angus Inksetter:
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