Join us on a photographic journey of some of our more recent outings. We hope these pictures will inspire you to join us on one of our many excursions. Just click on an image to view more photos from that outing or event.
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Nature hike at the Brant Tract

January 20, 2024
The Brant Tract is a Bruce County forest south of Paisley on Concession 12 of Brant Township. It is a large area with plenty of potential interest, from spring wildflowers to trees, birds, and……

Mushroom Identification With Joanne

October 14, 2023
Joanne Anderson of Mushrooms etc. led us on a walk through her garden of cultivated mushroom and then through the Allan Park forest to look for wild mushrooms. …

Junior Naturalists 2018-2019

May 31, 2019
Here is a sampling of photos of Saugeen Nature’s Junior Naturalists out exploring the wonders of Grey & Bruce counties…

Mother’s Day Wildflowers

May 12, 2019
Mother’s Day Wildflower Walk. Nikki May led this annual hike in the mixed forests of Sulphur Springs CA…

Maher/Weir Family Farm Visit

June 23, 2018
Saugeen Nature visits the Maher/Weir family farm. Nels Maher’s keen interest in ferns led him to plant this fern showpiece garden. In addition the farm hosts wetlands, fields, woods… …

Carden Plain Exploration

June 9, 2018
Saugeen Nature explores the Carden Plain. This rare alvar habitat is home to many specialized birds and plants…

Ferns in Kinghurst Forest

September 16, 2017
Ferns in Kinghurst Forest. Nikki and Clarke led a hike where 14 species of ferns were identified and there life histories reviewed…

Overnight trip to Norfolk County

June 16, 2017
Overnight trip to Norfolk County (Port Rowan Area. Members explored Backus Woods, Long Point Bird Observatory, St. Williams nursery and more…….

Spirng Maintenance at Kinghurst

June 3, 2017
Nature reserve stewards complete a section of (recycled) cedar rail fence at the Kinghurst Forest west entrance. Preparing milkweed and wildflower seeds prior to planting the Monarch butterfly……

Damsels and Dragons

June 25, 2016
Our 9th season looking for these Odonata members this time in the Osprey Wetland Conservation Lands…
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