Annual Hanover – Walkerton Christmas Bird Count report

The annual Hanover – Walkerton Christmas Bird count took place on Saturday, December 17, 2016 and by all accounts ended up being a great day. The weather predictions leading up to count day were horrible at best 20 + cm of snow had been forecast and that did keep a few people away from the count . Those who ventured out early in the morning in search of owls experienced a lot of snow on back roads before the ploughs got out, but things improved greatly as the morning continued. The temperature was just below 0 C for the high for the day, and while smaller bodies of water were frozen, the rivers and moving waters were partly open. All parties reported the same thing in that most birds were found at feeders and in groups.

A total of 52 species were recorded on the day itself while one additional species was recorded during the count week period. A new species was also recorded for the first time on the HW CBC as noted below.

Canada Goose 48

Mute Swan 1

American Black Duck 22

Mallard 693

Common Goldeneye 58

Redhead 3 New Species to count
Hooded Merganser 1

Common Merganser 2

Bald Eagle 23 Record High
Sharp shinned Hawk 2

Cooper’s Hawk 1

Red-tailed Hawk 19

Rough-legged Hawk 10

American Kestrel 2

Merlin 3 Record High
Ruffed Grouse 3

Wild Turkey 426 Record High
Sandhill Crane 15

Ring-billed Gull 19

Herring Gull 312

Rock Dove 273

Mourning Dove 426

Eastern Screech Owl 1

Snowy Owl 1

Belted Kingfisher 2

Red-bellied Woodpecker 11 Record High
Downy Woodpecker 56

Hairy Woodpecker 28

Northern Flicker 1

Pileated Woodpecker 3
Northern Shrike 2
Blue Jay 240
American Crow 889
Common Raven 7
Horned Lark 15
Black-capped Chickadee  421

Red-breasted Nuthatch  24

White-breasted Nuthatch 74 Record High
Brown Creeper 6

American Robin 31 Record High

European Starling 1233

American Tree Sparrow 293 Record High

Song Sparrow 1

Dark-eyed Junco 625

Snow Bunting 1000

Northern Cardinal 64

Purple Finch 26

House Finch 104

Common Redpoll 1

Pine Siskin 3

American Goldfinch 805

House Sparrow 88

Duck Sp. 9

Buteo Sp 2

hawk Sp. 2

gull Sp. 93

Woodpecker Sp. 1

small finch Sp. 50

blackbird Sp. 1

Total birds recorded  = 8573

One additional bird was recorded during count week and it was a Lincoln’s Sparrow seen at a feeder in Walkerton.

After a day in the field most people were able to join each other for some warm apple cider and some dinner just prior to the wrap up tally. People discussed the highs and the lows of the day and shared a few laughs. Hopefully next year a few new members will be able to join us for the count. The 2017 CBC will take place on Saturday, Dec. 16 so mark your calendars now! We hope to see you then.

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