Event Report by Dave Schaus

Outing Report for the April 30 Bird Migration Trip from Walkerton to Kincardine to Port Elgin

Trip Leader: Dave Schaus, 10 participants–Weather: Sunny, 15 degrees:

Species seen:

• Common Loon

• Pied-billed Grebe 

• Double-crested Cormorant

• Great Blue Heron

• Great Egret

• Canada Goose

• Wood Duck

• Mallard

• Ring-necked Duck

• Greater Scaup

• Bufflehead

• Hooded Merganser

• Common Merganser

• Red-breasted Merganser

• Turkey Vulture

• Northern Harrier

• Broad-winged Hawk

• Red-tailed Hawk

• American Kestrel

• Killdeer

• Greater Yellowlegs

• Lesser Yellowlegs

• Pectoral Sandpiper

• Ring-billed Gull

• Herring Gull

• Caspian Tern

• Mourning Dove

• Rock Pigeon

• Northern Flicker

• Pileated Woodpecker

• Eastern Phoebe

• Blue Jay

• American Crow

• Horned Lark

• Purple Martin

• Tree Swallow

• Barn Swallow

  1. •Black-capped Chickadee
  2. •Red-breasted Nuthatch
  3. •White-breasted Nuthatch
  4. •House Wren
  5. •Winter Wren
  6. •Golden-crowned Kinglet
  7. •Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  8. •Eastern Bluebird
  9. •American Robin
  10. •Brown Thrasher
  11. •European Starling
  12. •Yellow-rumped Warbler
  13. •Pine Warbler
  14. •Palm Warbler
  15. •Northern Cardinal
  16. •Chipping Sparrow
  17. •Savannah Sparrow
  18. •White-throated Sparrow
  19. •Song Sparrow
  20. •Dark-eyed Junco
  21. •Eastern Meadowlark
  22. •Brown-headed Cowbird
  23. •Red-winged Blackbird
  24. •Common Grackle
  25. •Purple Finch
  26. •House Finch
  27. •American Goldfinch
  28. •House Sparrow

Total Species = 66

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