On May 23rd, Ontario Nature, a leading conservation organization, recognized the exceptional contributions to natural habitat protection made by first nations, individuals, governments and companies.

The award ceremony was part of Ontario Nature’s 84th Annual Gathering which took place at rare Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge.

The Saugeen Field Naturalist submitted Jerry and Joan Asling’s name and they won the W.W. H. Gunn Conservation Award for 30 plus years of restoring the eastern bluebird population in Grey and Bruce counties. Congratulations Jerry and Joan.

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I the undersigned, wish to have my child
participate in the following activity
sponsored by the Saugeen Naturalists. As part of registering my child, I hereby agree as follows:
1. That I acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with this activity and that my child could sustain personal injury through participation in this activity and I am hereby accepting to take that risk on behalf of myself or my child.

2. To save harmless and keep indemnified the Saugeen Naturalists and the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority and their respective agents, official servants and representatives against all claims and actions, costs and expenses and demands, in respect of injury, loss or damage or death to myself or my child’s person.

3. That I acknowledge that in this situation volunteers are involved in supervising this activity and that I shall accept the responsibility of observing my child’s participation in this activity and should I have any objection to the manner in which my child or myself are being supervised or instructed, I accept the responsibility to remove myself or my child from this activity.

This agreement shall be binding upon myself, my heirs, executors and assigns.