Annual Hanover/Walkerton Christmas Bird Count Report

By Gerard McNaughton

The count itself was a bit tougher than in past years as birds were hunkered down, many feeders were empty, and snow and light conditions made visibility very difficult at times especially as the day went on. On a positive note a total of 8 Eastern Bluebirds were found by 2 parties in the Walkerton area, a new species for the count circle. No additional reports were received during count week, so this years total will stand at 47 species. Thank you to everyone who participated and continues to make this such a great day.

Great Blue Heron    3

Canada Goose    1044

Mute Swan    7

American Black Duck    5

Mallard    407

Common Goldeneye    63

Hooded Merganser    1

Common Merganser    18

Bald Eagle    9

Sharp-shinned Hawk    2

Red-tailed Hawk    16

Rough-legged Hawk    10

American Kestrel    1

Ruffed Grouse    4

Ring-billed Gull    120

Herring Gull    443

Rock Pigeon    488

Mourning Dove    261

Eastern Screech-Owl    6

Snowy Owl    1

Belted Kingfisher    3

Red-bellied Woodpecker    10

Downy Woodpecker    40

Hairy Woodpecker    20

Northern Flicker    1

Pileated Woodpecker    5

Northern Shrike    7

Blue Jay    257   

American Crow    506

Common Raven    7

Horned Lark    3

Black-capped Chickadee    288

Red-breasted Nuthatch    7

White-breasted Nuthatch    49

Brown Creeper    5

Golden-crowned Kinglet    13

Eastern Bluebird    8 (new count species)

American Robin    3

European Starling    1636

Cedar Waxwing    19

American Tree Sparrow    44

Dark-eyed Junco    147

Snow Bunting    1675

Northern Cardinal    14

House Finch    63

American Goldfinch    387

House Sparrow    213

Gull sp.    135

Total # birds = 8487

Mark your calendars now the next Hanover-Walkerton Christmas Bird Count will take place on Saturday, December 19, 2020.

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