Annual Hanover- Walkerton Christmas Bird Count

Report by Gerard McNaughton

The annual Hanover –Walkerton CBC was held on Saturday Dec. 15th, 2012 under almost ideal conditions. As usual small groups were busy locating the birds by car, walking and even some from the comfort of a favourite chair overlooking the bird feeders outside.  Early morning had very little winds so calls were well heard. As the day went on winds picked up and temperatures began to drop making birding a little more difficult. Open water was abundant throughout the count circle and this resulted in good numbers of duck species and a huge number of Canada geese.

Great Blue Heron       3

Canada Goose   5122   ** NEW RECORD ** (2504 in 2011)

Mute Swan                                          10   ** NEW RECORD ** (7 in 2011)

Wood Duck                                            2      Ties Record (1977, 1983)

American Black Duck                            9

Mallard                                               503

Bufflehead                                             5   ** NEW RECORD ** (4 in 2002)

Common Goldeneye                           43

Hooded Merganser                             13

Common Merganser                          39

Red Breasted Merganser                   12

Bald Eagle                                            4

Northern Harrier                                    3

Sharp-shinned Hawk                             2

Cooper ’s Hawk                                     1

Red-tailed Hawk                                18

Rough-legged Hawk                              8

American Kestrel                                   4

Ruffed Grouse                                       3

Wild Turkey                                       74

Ring-billed Gull                                  275

Herring Gull                                181

Great Black-backed Gull                       1

Rock Pigeon                                285

Mourning Dove                           124

Eastern Screech Owl                   25   ** NEW RECORD ** (16 in 2010)

Great Horned Owl                               2

Belted Kingfisher                                 1

Red-Bellied Woodpecker                    4

Downey Woodpecker                  29

Hairy Woodpecker                      13

Pileated Woodpecker               CW

Northern Shrike                                   4

Blue Jay                                             63

American Crow                        620

Common Raven      2

Black-capped Chickadee         585

Red-breasted Nuthatch              19

White-breasted Nuthatch           38

Brown Creeper                                    1

European Starling         1369

Cedar waxwing                           12

American Tree Sparrow                   67

Dark-eyed Junco                      195

Snow Bunting                           535

Northern Cardinal                       43

Pine Grosbeak                            17

Purple Finch                                        9

House Finch                                     74

Common Redpoll                      729

Hoary Redpoll                                      1

Pine Siskin                                           4

American Goldfinch                  222

House Sparrow                         204



Unidentified Species

Merganser Species                            3

Accipiter Sp.                                       2

Buteo Sp.                                             1

Gull Sp.                                           1003

Finch Sp.                                          66



Total birds seen                            12706

I would like to thank Charlene McNaughton for preparing a wonderful meal for the tally session later that evening. It helps to take some of the bit out after a long day spent in the field. Please make your calendars now as this year’s count will take place Saturday Dec 14, 2013. We can always use a few extra people. Click here to see cumulative CBC results.

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