Outing: Wildflower walk

May 13, 2023

Event Information:

Saugeen Natures’ annual Mothers Day Wildflower Walk will be held at the farm of Byron Monk and Joanne Klein at 1252 side road 25 North in the former township of Brant. The site is one concession north of Elmwood and two corners west of County road ten.

We will visit two sites one has a large station of White Trout lilies (Erythronium albidum) and the other has a good showing of spring ephemerals We will also see some interesting trees including Butternut, Hackberry, Bitternut Hickory and large Maples and Black Walnuts Meet at the farm yard at 12:30 and Byron will provide transport to the bush Bring water bottles, field guides and binoculars. Rain day will be the following day Register with Byron at 519-889-2324 or monkklein@gmail.com

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Outing: Bognar Marsh

August 3, 2024
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