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Turtles And How We Can Help

November 20, 2023
Madeline Sanagan from Parks Canada will speak to us about turtles. She will talk about turtles themselves and then speak to the Road to Recovery project that the Bruce National Park has been doing.
Junior Naturalist

Preparing for the Big Chill!

November 18, 2023
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The Murray Tract

November 11, 2023
It is several years since we have visited, as a club, this property near the Krug Forest Nature Reserve. Come along to see how the forestry damage is healing, the trails are faring,
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October Talk With Brendon Samuels

October 16, 2023
Brendon Samuels, PhD candidate at Western University, has agreed to speak to us about what we can do about window collisions suffered by migrating birds. He will also talk about other projects
Outdoor Events

Mushroom Identification With Joanne

October 14, 2023
Joanne Anderson of Mushrooms etc. will lead us on a walk through her garden of cultivated mushroom and then through the Allan Park forest to look for wild mushrooms.
Outdoor Events

Hike to Marshall Woods

September 23, 2023
We will hike along the Bruce Trail in the Rocklyn Creek Management Area and look for Marshall Woods, an Old-Growth Forest off the main trail. Nikki May and Angus Inksetter will lead the hike.
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Going Green in Grey

September 18, 2023
Rebecca Danard and Megan Myles will speak to us about the Grey County Climate Change Action Plan, with a focus on the nature-based solutions that it is proposing.
Junior Naturalist

Tremendous Trees!

September 16, 2023
Registration and first hike with kids
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3. That I acknowledge that in this situation volunteers are involved in supervising this activity and that I shall accept the responsibility of observing my child’s participation in this activity and should I have any objection to the manner in which my child or myself are being supervised or instructed, I accept the responsibility to remove myself or my child from this activity.

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